Recipe Ideas
Each month our staff creates delicious recipes to allow you to choose one or more from our extensive library Gene's Fine Foods. . . More details
What's for Dinner?
Baked Cod
What's for Dessert?
Try a Delicious Apple Turnover

Friends and Family Enjoy The Summer

Baseball games, picnics and vacations are all a part of the summer season. As you makes plans keep in mind that Gene's Fine Foods keeps all the traditional snacks and cold drinks in stock for you.

Are You Ready for
Some Football!

Your favorite Pop Warner, high school, college and NFL games are right around the corner. When you plan your tailgate parties remember to drop by Gene's Fine Foods for your grocery and beverage needs.

Gene's Fine Foods
Offers Wine Tasting!

Visit our Tasting Room on Friday, August 21 to sample Iron Maiden Trooper Beer from 4 to 6. On Friday, August 21 from 4 - 6 pm and Saturday, August 22, from 2 to 5 pm to taste some fine wines.

Finest Cuts of Meat
Available at Gene's

You can purchase a New York Steak in nearly any market, but you won't find the variety offered by our butchers anywhere else in the local region. Treat yourself to the best!