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Each month our staff creates delicious recipes to allow you to choose one or more from our extensive library Gene's Fine Foods. . . More details
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Ham is popular at Easter
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Pick Up an Easter Basket

Decorations, Flowers and Easter Baskets

As you plan for a gathering of friends and family for this weekend, be sure to drop by Gene's Fine Foods to stock up on all your favorite holiday items.

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Gene's Fine Foods has joined with eScrip to bring you a fundraising card for every family that wishes to support your school or non-profit with the Gene's Fine Foods Community Card. Here are the full details!

Gene's Fine Foods
Offers Weekly Tastings

Visit our Tasting Room where quality and service are Priority One! Join us Fri., April 18 from 4 - 6 pm to taste William Tell Beer and Sat., April 19, from 2 - 5 pm. to taste Carmel Road Wines.

Meet Nutritionist Didi Sindelar Every Friday!

Didi is a specialist in Holistic nutrition and will be at Gene's Fine Foods every other Saturday from noon to 4 pm to assit you with any nutritional, lifestyle questions that you may have.